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Drupal Console on Windows

- Drupal Console Running on Windows 10 The Drupal Console is a handy command-line utility for working on Drupal 8 sites. It can help maintain a site and also with default boiler plate module code that can be a pain to create. Getting it running on windows is a bit of... drupal

Drupal 8 Composer on Win 10

- Getting Drupal 8 with Composer Running on Windows 10 I am doing this quick write up because I had a lot of trouble getting a local Drupal 8 started on my Windows 10 machine using composer. This is more of a snapshot of what you’ll need to get setup. Software... drupal

Windows Can't Delete Files

- Windows Can’t Delete Long File/Path names as with /node_modules I have ran into this problem an number of times where I can’t delete a project that was using Node NPM because the dependency folders it creates is just too deep for windows to handle. And when you try to delete... windows

Easy Instagram JSON API

- Getting a users Instagram feed in JSON to use on a website Purpose: I had a fairly simple requirement for my latest website project. Create a carousel from an Instagram Feed to be used on a websites home page. I started out using a handy username/media/ path that returned a... javascript api

Drupal Delete old Locks

- Old Drupal Semaphore Lock Could Bring Down Your Entire Site One day on our company’s Intranet we saved a view and took down the entire website. We tried a few things but since it was a Production site we had to restore to a restore from a nightly backup. New... php sql

Halloween Video Kiosk

- Raspberry Pi Full Screen Halloween Projector This Halloween I wanted to make a projector that would play scary videos for the holidays. I wanted something that would automatically turn on, play videos at random but have some built in manual controls. I decided to go with a raspberry-Pi that would... javascript css raspberryPi

Drupal & Jekyll

- Outline: intro pros/cons things you’ll need to do workflow Theme directly in Jekyll Theme Drupal markup I am going to share my workflow for Drupal theming that I believe greatly speeds up development time. By using other front-end tools such as Gulp.js and BrowserSync I can increase the speed of... drupal jekyll css

Word Docs to HTML

- Convert Word Docs to HTML Install Pandoc Visit to download and install the tool. I am on windows and used the installer package. It was very simple and nothing but the defaults were needed to install it. This command-line tool will help get that word document into html. Its... content

Easy Bootstrap Button Animaitons

- Improve Bootstraps Buttons with CSS3 Animations This is a quick and simple bit of styling I typically add to my bootstrap projects. Especially since most are not a flat theme, this helps the buttons standout and appear interactive. The following styles can be added to a bootstrap project to improve... boostrap design ui

Easy Javascript Spellchecker

- The Problem: Quickly Reviewing Multiple Web Pages for Spelling Errors When redesigning a site, or reviewing an old site to improve content or structure I often run into neglected content. One issue is often a spell checker in a CMS was disabled because it was annoying or users by habit... javascript content

Remove Drupal Distro

- Removing a Drupal Profile/Distribution Drupal distributions can save you time up front and get your project on the ground running. BUT that does come with a cost, you are now locked into relying on that profile to update their modules on a timely manner. I recently had a Drupal 7... drupal code

Scripted Drupal Deploy

- Automate Drupal Deployments with Windows Batch Scripts Drupal distributions can save you time up front and get your project on the ground running. BUT that does come with a cost, you are now locked into relying on that profile to update their modules on a @ECHO ON SET "deploytarget=%1" ECHO... drupal iis

Simple jQuery Countdown

- Simple Day Countdown Script This is a very simple script for counting down the days until something happens. It’s quick and dirty and you don’t need to include a big complex library with its own configuration. It doesn’t handle timezones well, but you probably don’t need it to ;) Days... jquery javascript code

Anchor Links with Static Headers

- The Problem: Hidden Anchor Content Anchor links normally scroll to the top of the browser when clicked. The problem is when your site has a static header will cause that content to be hidden underneath the sites header. Sometimes this could hide the entire element, leaving your visitors wondering what... jquery javascript code