Today's websites not only need to look beautiful but behave intuitively as well. Users expect next level designs and a seamless user experience.


From website and application design to commercial print design. I create modern logos, branding packets and web interfaces for tomorrow's users.


Creating the magic and functionality a modern website needs. I develop cohesive code for front and back-end projects. Knowing both worlds helps me anticipate problems before they happen.

About Myself

Nicholas Stees is a web developer and design professional. Talented in visual design, UI/UX philosophy and clean front and back-end coding. I have an uncompromising natural passion for creating user-focused designs and working with tight deadlines. I enjoy taking on new challenges and working in a fast-paced team environment.

Latest Blog Posts

Vue Widgets

Tuesday, October 1, 2019 - Vue widgets in Drupal

Gridsome & Sentry

Wednesday, August 21, 2019 - Adding Sentry error tracking to Gridsome

Alphabetical Index

Friday, June 21, 2019 - Create an automatic Alphabetical Index with JS

Examples of some of my Work

This side project used Github actions to archive Covid API data from FL State. I then could display it as I wanted doing cool stuff like per capita calculations and trends. The state has now shut down the API endpoints so some of the app is now broken. It used Vue.js and was an install able PWA. Got a good amount of traffic from Reddit as well.

This was inspired by my desire to compare local schools for my daughter. The state releases a yearly report in Excel, great data bad format! So I used Gridsome to extract the excel data into graphQL and then dynamically created a website. It has neat feature like using GeoLocation to find the closest schools.

City of Tampa

I currently work for the City of Tampa as a senior web developer. I am a full stack developer with Drupal and PHP experience. I specialize in theming and javascript development as well.

City of St. Petersburg

I was the web coordinator for the city of St. Petersburg, the 5th largest city in Florida for 9+ years. I maintained over 1,800 pages and worked with over 30 departments in developing marketing strategies, digital media and custom web apps for various city campaigns.

The Clever Cup

I enjoy freelance projects such as this local coffee and retail shop in Sarasota, Florida. This site shows off their quaint charm and cozy atmosphere their visitors truly enjoy.

This was a side project to make a light weight PWA and a bonus was getting it submitted to the Google Playstore as an app. a 54kB app that sorts and filters Tampa Parks. Built with Vue.js, uses emojis instead of icons (to keep the app light) and pretty tricky function to calculate distances between to points that I had to figure out.

Digital Marketing

I'm a data nerd at heart and utilize today's big data tools to increase marketing performance. I analyze campaign performance in digital and email marketing as well as develop custom dashboards for real-time performance metrics.

Branding and Print

Logo and branding design are where my roots are. Setting the right look and feel for a project is a solid foundation for success. I have worked everything from billboards and vehicle wraps to annual reports and brochures.