Full Stack Developer

I primarily focus on front-end development work, I also write my own back-end code for complex functionality. I strive for clean, beautiful and reusable code. I enjoy optimizing and lightening code to achieve the best possible performance.

  • I can theme a Drupal site or setup an Apache webserver from SSH
  • I like keeping things simple, and don't over complicate solutions

Front-end Developer

I not only design websites but I code them as well. I believe in modular semantic code and look to employ the latest CSS techniques for dramatic effects. jQuery and Javascript allow me to bring animation and functionality to my designs. While GruntJS and SASS allow my to work faster and focus on the big picture.

  • I 😍 Javascript and can solve just about any problem
  • Static sites are the best, speed and perf matter!
  • I can create great looking themes

Back-end Developer

Front-end development is only half the job. Today's websites and applications demand databases and high security. I can administer my own servers and create efficient database designs. I am an experienced MySQL and PHP developer with object oriented methods. I am very comfortable in model view controller(MVC) frameworks like Code-igniter and single-page application development.

  • PHP is my goto serverside language
  • I am comfortable on an SSH commandline session
  • Ive had to configure servers from scratch
  • I don't enjoy SQL inner joins 😠, I would rater have an ORM or abstraction layer